Choose collective social impact and contribution over capes and competition.

17 December 2020

In our latest podcast I am joined by Daniela Papi-Thornton. Daniela has spent more than a decade designing and facilitating social change education programming around the world and she makes a compelling argument for systems-led leadership.

Systems-led leaders make decisions about their personal or organizational social-impact strategies based on understanding the systems within which they work. They envision wider system change goals – goals they know they can’t achieve alone but which help guide their actions so that those actions connect with, build upon, and contribute to the wider impact of the collective. Our guest poet, Chris Redmond takes the idea of ‘the collective’ to new heights (literally!).

This one is a goodie and well worth taking time out from your super hero timetable to consider your approach. We need greater social impact and fewer social super heroes…..

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The Aperture episode 4 the one about social entrepreneurship

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