Why The Name?

During the time when I was adapting to living with my newly-acquired sight loss things would sometimes feel pretty tough and frustrating. On those difficult days, I would tell myself, “If life deals you lemons, Steph…. get out there and make lemonade”! This saying served to motivate me and remind me that I had a choice.

When I started to promote the idea of my inclusion consultancy, I quickly became known as the ‘Lemonade girl’! So when it came to coming up with a business name there was only one option.

All these years later, Making Lemonade still seems a fitting name as I am all about supporting people to turn the lemons in their life into lemonade, and supporting organisations to create opportunities from the challenging issues they face.

“If life deals you lemons …make lemonade!” still gets me out of bed in the morning and underpins everything Making Lemonade is about.

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