Accessibility of This Website

It is important to me that my site is accessible and as usable to as many visitors as possible. I have sought to balance creativity with accessibility and userability to create a website which appeals to everyone and is easy to navigate.

You might find your experience of this site improves by customising your computer settings. For example, it is possible to have content spoken to you, change the colours or change the font size. I recommend the BBC’s My Web My Way as a good introduction to ways to set your computer or device up to work better for you.

All videos on my website have closed captioned text. In order to view the text please click on the subtitles/closed captions box on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

My site conforms to BS8878 guidelines. While I have done much to ensure my website is accessible I appreciate that there still might be some limitations. If you experience any difficulties or have any feedback please get in touch and let me know.