A bit about me…

I founded Making Lemonade to be a diversity and inclusion consultancy with a mandate to support disabled people, and those with a health condition, to be their best selves; to get into work and get on in work; and for the workplaces they occupy to be inclusive. I am very proud of the disability confident training, support and coaching Making Lemonade has delivered to organisations in pursuit of that mandate over the last 10+ years. I have always taken a person-centred approach as I believe this method ensures solutions are ‘best fit’ – building inclusion at the heart of an organisation.

My career started in the competitive fashion industry where I designed for quality high street labels, such as Ted Baker and M&S. I had a work hard/play hard lifestyle and I was keen to make my mark. However, disability came into my life when I experienced unexpected sight loss in my late twenties.

Making Lemonade was born from my lived experience of acquiring my disability. I became personally and professionally interested in reducing and removing barriers for disabled people when I started to encounter them for myself. My interest in disability equality developed, and I began to incorporate into my work the experiences of a wide range of people with their own lived experience. Very quickly, models of disability, legal obligations and social change thinking began to form a much more realistic and interesting story of disability equality. I became an advocate of disability issues and a champion of diversity and inclusion.

I am a Clore Social Leadership fellow. Clore makes social change happen by supporting and investing in people who they believe are leaders with the resilience, self-awareness and capabilities to tackle the social challenges of the day. As part of my Clore year, I expanded my expertise in design thinking as a way to embed the user experience in service design. Since then I have become an Associate of the Design Thinkers Academy UK, as an inclusion specialist.

When I’m not making lemonade, I like to get out on my tandem, or get comfy with a pot of tea and a good talking book.

Why the name?

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