A bit about me…

My career started in the fashion industry where I designed for high street labels, such as Ted Baker and M&S. I had always wanted to be a fashion designer and I was working hard, playing hard and keen to make my mark. During this time disability came into my life when I experienced unexpected sight loss.

I became personally and professionally interested in reducing and removing the barriers disabled people face when I started to encounter them for myself. Making Lemonade was initially born from my lived experience of acquiring my impairment. That quickly led to an interest in the lived experiences of a wide range of other disabled people and interest in disability equality generally. Learning of models of disability, legal obligations and social change thinking began to form a much more relevant and significant story of disability equality. I became an advocate of disability issues and a champion of diversity and inclusion which remains the foundation of Making Lemonade.

When I have time I can be found tearing through the countryside on the back of a tandem or curled up with a cup of tea and a talking book. Download my free eBook  if you also like to read.

I am a Clore Social Leadership fellow.