Twice as hard; just as good; half as far: Sound familiar? Working twice as hard to be seen as just as good? 

15 February 2024


person on hamster wheel

Sound familiar? Ever felt you are ‘working twice as hard’ as those around you to be seen as just as good or to get just as far? This is something we hear regularly from disabled delegates on our professional development programme for disabled colleagues.

Inequity in the workplace is still a thing and for too many working twice as hard is a necessary requirement to progress, or even be seen as ‘just as good’. 

I believe it’s time to stop sharing with our young people likely to face biases that, “you need to work twice as hard to be seen as just as good to get half as far”. While we are at it, let’s stop feeding ourselves this narrative too. Not to say that there isn’t any truth in it, but does it serve us well? Read my LinkedIn article to find out what makes me think this is unhelpful, even if it is your current reality or their likely future reality.