Art, Activism Authenticity and a Touch of Crazy!

5 January 2021

In the first lock-down last year I found myself with unexpected time on my hands. I decided to explore an idea that had been in the back of my mind for a while about creating a social change podcast. At the time I was reading, ‘My Name is Y’ by Lemn Sissay and I remember thinking, ‘if I ever do anything with this podcast idea, he would be a great guest’. I was therefore delighted to end series one of The Aperture with Lemn Sissay as my guest.

In our episode we have a beautiful conversation about the role of creativity in creating social change and art as activism. We suggest play is under-rated and not unrelated to storytelling and acknowledge both can be a cathartic form of expression and a means to speak truth to power. We agree creativity uniquely navigates the Complexity and contradictions of the human spirit and so bonds community and champions change. Liv Torc then takes the idea of ideas to another level in her creative response to our conversation.

This concludes the first series of The Aperture. Having had no idea how to make a podcast at the start of the first lock-down, I am chuffed to complete series one at the end of what has been a tricky year. This is my ‘something good’ to come out of 2020 and I am proud of the pods!

Episode 6 Flyer

Episode 6 flyer