We offer six webinars designed for disabled colleagues and their allies; or specifically for line managers of disabled colleagues, HR business partners and D&I professionals.

You are welcome to request a webinar on a particular topic, or one of the following:


Line Managing Disabled Colleagues

Research reports consistently show that the two priorities for disabled people and people with long-term health conditions in work are:

  1. Getting the adjustments that they need.
  2. Having a disability-confident line manager.

Our Line Manager webinars cover both these priorities in separate two parts:

Part 1 – Policies, Performance & Passports: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

We focus on:

  • The purpose of physical and non-physical adjustments and the relationship between adjustments and performance.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the disabled colleague and the line manager.
  • Highlighting key policy provision.
  • Sharing the benefits to both parties of an organisational or individual passport.

Part 2 – Confidence, Conversations & Culture: Building best practice as business as usual.

We focus on:

  • What it means, and what it takes, to be a disability-confident line manager.
  • How to have conversations with our disabled colleagues, or those we think may have an impairment or health condition, in a way that is positive and encourages them to bring their best to work.
  • How to manage expectations and encourage progression.
  • Tips on being a Purple Ally.


Managing Disabled Colleagues Through Times of Change


It is essential that disabled colleagues are given due consideration in order to navigate organisational change. Using the ‘change curve’ we ask:


  • What do we need to consider in order for change to be inclusive and accessible?
  • How might we need to rethink how we communicate change?
  • What obligations do we need to honour while implementing change?


Disability Champions, Purple Allies & Asset Based Approaches

Workplace conversations around disability often focus on ‘What do you need?’ This webinar challenges conventional thinking and explores:

  • What it takes and what it means to be a disability champion or purple ally
  • How to host asset-based disability-related conversations.
  • How to advance disability inclusion within your organisation


Reframing Disability

Within this thought leadership webinar we look at disability through different lenses and discuss the various ways they impact upon disabled people. We look back and forward and ask:

  • Is disability more social construct than medical diagnosis?
  • How far have we really come?
  • What would make the difference, and whose responsibility is it?


Performance, Positioning and Progression for Disabled Colleagues

More than a third of UK workers believe disability is still a barrier to career progression. In this interactive session we:

  • Ask what is really preventing you progressing or diversifying your career.
  • Provide alternative ways of positioning yourself as a disabled candidate.
  • Share tried and tested methods of boosting your performance and prospects.


To Share or not to Share? That is the question….

We ask: Should you share with an employer information about your impairment or health condition and, if so, when, and how should you do it.

  • Do you tick the box? Should you? What are the pros and cons?
  • What are the responsibilities of the hiring manager and candidate?
  • How taking an asset-based approach to sharing can nail you the job


Our webinars have proven to have wide appeal:  from disability staff network members to line managers and policy makers. They are interactive and can be designed to include your organisation’s policies and objectives.


A huge advantage is that we allow you to record our webinars, enabling a far wider reach beyond just those who can attend live.



Please make contact to find out more…