Our webinars are designed for disabled colleagues and their allies; or specifically for line managers of disabled colleagues, HR business partners and D&I professionals. They have proved a flexible way for our clients to keep disability inclusion in the workplace on the agenda.

You are welcome to request a webinar on a particular topic, or one of the following:


  1. Line managing disabled colleagues

A disabled colleague’s responsibility is to manage their impairment or health condition; the line manager’s responsibility is the removal of barriers. This webinar provides clarity for line managers about what this means in practice. We cover:

  • Expectations and obligations of line managers.
  • Guidance and good practice in order to ensure disabled colleagues feel valued and are productive.
  • The role of reasonable adjustments, with examples of physical and non-physical adjustments.


  1. Disability as an Asset

Workplace conversations around disability often focus on ‘What do you need?’ rather than ‘What do you bring and what do you need to achieve that?’ This webinar challenges conventional thinking and explores:

  • How to frame disability to encourage disabled colleagues to share and increase engagement
  • How to host asset-based disability related conversations.
  • Provides alternatives to the ‘less-than’ language we often inadvertently use around disability, in-line with this approach.


  1. Creating Purple Allies

Purple allies take action to support their disabled colleagues and your disability agenda. They help build a disability-confident workplace from the inside out. In this webinar we answer common questions such as:

  • How can I ensure I am being an ally, not a saviour?
  • What practical steps can I take to be a purple ally and what should I avoid?
  • How might I use my position and privilege to support disabled colleagues and our disability agenda?

Listen to Episode 2 of Steph’s podcast series The Aperture for more information on workplace allyship.


  1. Reframing Disability

Within this thought leadership webinar we look at disability through different lenses and discuss the various ways they impact disabled people. We look back and forward and ask:

  • Is disability more social construct than medical diagnosis?
  • How far have we really come?
  • What would make the difference and whose responsibility is it?


  1. Building back better for disabled people post Covid-19

The pandemic has presented both challenges and opportunities for disabled people. In this webinar we ask what have we learned and how can we build back better for disabled customers and colleagues. We share recommendations to the following questions:

  • How might we seek and share lock-down learnings?
  • What meaningful changes can we make ‘business as usual’ following the 2020/21 experience?
  • How can we maximise this opportunity to accelerate the disability inclusion agenda within our organisation?


Our webinars are interactive and engaging, with no limit on attendees.  They can all be recorded, enabling you to extend the reach across your organisation. They have wide appeal – from disability staff network members, to line managers, to policy makers.