Critical Friend

This inclusion consultancy is flexible, in terms of duration and scope. It can be on-going or project-specific and it can be ‘hands off’ or ‘hands on’ depending on your requirement.

I provide encouraging and external perspectives on inclusion issues with candid feedback and insightful suggestions. I am heavy on the ‘friend’, but not shy to be ‘critical’.  

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I held a Critical Friend position with Thomas Pocklington Trust which evolved to include reviewing policies, project-specific projects and promoting inclusion best practice across the organisation.

“As our Critical Friend Steph Cutler has been a valuable external asset and we have found working with Making Lemonade to be a hugely positive experience. Steph liaised with us on a number of projects while TPT was going through a time of change and reminded us of the benefits of external input – especially when an organisation is in a state of flux.

Through discussion, research and review, Steph has helped improve both our outward and inward-facing materials – by improving the accessibility and content of our conferences, and by encouraging us to take a more person-centred approach to reviving our staff forum.

A key suggestion from Steph was the introduction of Workplace as our primary internal communications tool – we have high hopes for this platform, and are grateful to Steph for making valuable introductions outside TPT to strengthen our networks externally within the sector. Advice on inclusive practices relating to Marketing and Communications have also been a huge boon, as we look to optimise and streamline our tools and methods. Steph is always friendly, professional and knowledgeable and working with her is a pleasure.”

Sharon Billingham

Chief Operating Officer. Thomas Pocklington Trust