Action Learning

I am a trained action learning facilitator and I facilitate sets both in-person and remotely.

What is action learning?

Action learning involves six to eight people meeting regularly, as a ‘set’, to support each other through strategic challenges in their work. It follows a unique, structured process designed to help group members face and manage complex problems, and encourage progress in a safe environment. Action learning is often found to be particularly useful around a time of organisational change, and to support leadership development.

What are the benefits?

The positive benefits of being part of an action learning set are:

Developing critical thinking skills
Sharing problem solving ideas
Actively listening and challenging perceptions
Experiencing self-managed peer learning
Assistance with actual challenges
Sharing strategies and insights

How does it work?

It provides valuable reflection time and opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of personal and professional issues, while enabling you to develop strategies to manage organisational and personal change.

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