Disability Confident & Inclusion Training

I’ve designed and delivered disability confident training and general inclusion training widely across the public, private and charity sectors under the Making Lemonade brand and as an associate of other organisations. Training can be delivered in-person or on-line.


Inclusion Training


There are broadly two types of inclusion training: awareness training and skills training. The first is about raising people’s awareness and helping them to see the world through the eyes of someone of a different age, race, gender, etc. The second involves specific exercises to help people build skills, such as communicating better with people from diverse backgrounds and reducing the levels of unconscious bias in their decision-making. It is largely agreed a mix of both works well so I tend to include both.

the overall goal is generally to help create a work environment in which people of all backgrounds can feel comfortable and collaborate effectively.


Disability Confident Training


Participants leave with relevant knowledge of their legal obligations; an understanding of the social model of disability; and the confidence to interact positively with disabled service users, clients and colleagues.


Visual Awareness Training


Living with acquired sight loss means I have first-hand experience of many of the barriers people with sight loss encounter. My visual awareness training provides your colleagues with greater confidence and knowledge of sight loss issues as well as some of the key components from my disability awareness training.

I often deliver visual awareness training to members of a department when a member of staff acquires sight loss. Content is designed and delivered with the permission and involvement of the person with sight loss. It raises the awareness of the team to good practice and possible adaptations.

My visual awareness training is also effective for staff to understand how best to provide an accessible service to blind and partially sighted customers.


More details of training content and options are available upon request. Please get in touch to find out more.