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I am an experienced conference speaker and have been known to inspire even the most sceptical audiences. I am proficient at adapting my speech to maximise the relevance for individual audiences. My key messages are typically focused around motivation and inclusion. My keynote is my personal account: from fashion designer, through sight loss, to successful entrepreneur. Audiences consistently comment on my approachable style and inspiring message.

Contributor at Diversity & Inclusion Events

I am regularly invited to sit on expert panels and facilitate conference workshops. In addition to sharing my expertise through my lived experience, I also share my wide experience in delivering disability confident services and inclusion consultancy, while inspiring new conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Steph has supported Imperial College London with its disability awareness strategy for over five years. Steph is extremely professional even in the face of challenging delegates. Steph has been a keynote speaker at the College’s Disability History Month events, bringing her unique perspective to challenge audiences to think outside a non-disabled perspective. She is not afraid to say what others may be thinking and facilitating a robust discussion, on sometime often considered “taboo subjects”. Steph has also been a key pillar of the Calibre Leadership Programme for disabled staff, as an inspiring speaker. She has always received excellent feedback and enabled Imperial College staff to reach their full potential in the workplace.

Leyla Okhai, Equality & Diversity Manager (Specialist in supporting disabled staff), Imperial College London

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