Personal Development & Leadership Training

There are tons of personal development, career development and leadership development courses out there, but few are designed specifically for disabled people and people with a long-term health condition. The courses I design and contribute to cover key personal development and leadership components. Our unique position is that disability and diversity, once honoured and acknowledged, enables people to bring their whole selves to work and be authentic leaders. We address the barriers disability presents and consider how living with an impairment or long-term health condition uniquely develops sought-after workplace skills.


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Three-day Personal Development Programme

I partner with Dave Rees, co-author of ‘Why are you pretending to be normal?’ to co-deliver a three-day personal development programme for staff with impairments and long-term health conditions who work at two major banks.

The course equips staff with knowledge of available resources; and tools for how to advocate for what they need.  We present alternative perspectives on disability and provide recommendations for managing perceptions, resulting in developing a strong sense of self. Ultimately, it’s about looking after yourself, maximizing effectiveness and supporting career diversity and progression.  


“I was on the PDP course at the end of August and just wanted to say thank you again. Since the course, I’ve been in a good enough place that my therapist has released me “back into the wild” so taking a break from therapy. The suggestions from the course have been hugely helpful in managing my anxiety/depression and improving relationships slowly but surely.

And best of all, I’m two weeks into a new secondment role that was essentially a double promotion jumping two pay grades. I interviewed for it about six weeks after the course so looks like I learned something. This was the fifth interview I had been on this year and finally got the job.”

PDP participant


“All in all, a very positive experience for me. The recent course has really helped me accept my impairment, and not feel any less of a person because of it…….am starting to get the real me back!”

PDP participant


This training has been customised for other public and private organisations and has been run as an open course. Get in touch to find out more. 


Calibre Leadership  

Calibre is a leadership development programme for staff who identify as neurodiverse or disabled or have a long-term physical or mental health condition.

It has been designed to address the distinct, and often subtle, barriers disabled staff face in the workplace. I contribute to the programme and share knowledge and techniques to master workplace barriers and propose disability as an asset to leadership.

The programme was designed by Dr Ossie Stuart in partnership with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre at Imperial College.


“I fully endorse Steph as an expert in her field. She is very knowledgable and thoughtful about the issues disabled people face both in their personal lives as well as in their careers. Steph has brought a uniquely inspiring perspective on leadership to those attending the Calibre programme. In addition she has a unique understanding of the challenges of workplace and how to use this to motivate everyone to see disability inclusion as a desirable goal. I recommend partnering with Steph.”

Dr Ossie Stuart