Career Development Coaching & Mentoring

As a qualified disabled coach my clients often include:

  • People adjusting following a diagnosis
  • Disabled people looking to secure employment, including disabled graduates
  • Disabled professionals from executives to interns.

My coaching can be beneficial in exploring options and clarifying objectives. It provides a safe and confidential space and is person-centred. The coaching content need not be disability-related, but often touches on relevant issues relating to living with an impairment or health condition.

“Steph was my challenging and thought provoking, supportive mentor while I was on the Clore leadership programme. She has the capacity to help you to look at things from a fresh and unique perspective which is incredibly valuable if you are seeking to make positive change or contemplating difficult decisions. Steph is the person you need at your side with her strong sense of integrity, her ability to be bold and brave and her appetite for seeking continuous improvement in ways that think outside the box. Steph is the person you turn to when things don’t go quite as you planned, as she will listen, help you to reflect and then set you back on the path to success”.

Kirsty Palmer                                                                         

Development Manager- Volunteering. Works in charity sector