Action Learning

I am a trained action learning facilitator and I have experience of facilitating sets, both remotely and face-to-face.

What is action learning?

Action learning involves six to eight people meeting regularly, as a ‘set’, to support each other through strategic challenges in their work. It follows a unique, structured process designed to help group members face and manage complex problems, and encourage progress in a safe environment. Action learning is often found to be particularly useful around a time of organisational change, and to support leadership development.

What are the benefits?

Each organisation and each member will have unique issues. The benefits resulting from action learning will therefore be defined by what specific project or theme is brought to the set. However, the positive benefits of being part of an action learning set will include:

How does it work?

Sets are brought together around a specific project or theme, or across departments. Each set member has an opportunity to describe an issue they would like assistance with. Fellow members then follow a disciplined process to support the presenter to explore the issue fully and agree actions.

Being part of a set affords you time to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of the issues you and your organisation face – the experience enables you to develop strategies to manage organisational and personal change.

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