Personal and Professional Development Training and Disability Training

Steph talking with participants.

Steph talking with participants

The aim of my personal development, professional development and disability training is to give the participants a greater confidence and understanding of the topic and relevant issues. I am always happy to share good practice and my experiences. I believe personal development, professional development and disability training is only beneficial if participants feel engaged and take some action as a result of attending. This is why all my training has practical and interactive elements.

As you would expect, all my training is delivered the lemonade way!

Most of my personal development, professional development and disability training has been designed at the request of various organisations. A summary of available workshops is below. If you have an idea of some training you are interested in running please contact me to discuss possible content.

Personal Development and Work Preparation Training for Job Seekers

Participants to this workshop are often disheartened or unfamiliar with recruitment processes. I help them see how they can improve their employment opportunities by effectively communicating their skills and experiences. I motivate them to identify steps they can take to move closer to employment. Participants leave feeling more confident and with an increased motivation for finding a suitable paid or unpaid post.

Career Development and Staff Development

This training takes the form of a bespoke leadership programme delivered internally over a number of days, weeks or months. It gives your staff the opportunity to work through any issues they have and build on their skills and strengths. As a result they feel more content and fulfilled and contribute more effectively within your organisation.

Alternatively, I contribute workshops as part of external personal leadership programmes or career development conferences. These are frequently, but not exclusively, on influencing, networking and presentation skills.

Self-Employment Workshops

I tend to deliver my workshops to people at the start-up or pre-start-up stage of business. The workshops provide practical assistance coupled with confidence and motivation to turn ideas into business opportunities.

Low cost marketing, networking and what it takes to start and grow a business are workshops I have delivered to many audiences with positive effect.

Equality & Inclusion Training  

My equality & inclusion training is suitable for all staff. It provides a great overview of current legislation and best practice

Disability Training

I provide disability training that raises the awareness of front-line staff and management to disability related issues. Typically the disability training covers your obligations under disability related legislation, practical solutions to remove barriers and a greater understanding of inclusion.

Visual Awareness Training 

My visual awareness training shares practical solutions to increase accessibility for blind and partially sighted customers and employees. It also includes good practice  on inclusive communications.

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