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­­­­Tips and Motivation

Making Lemonade is all about getting motivated, moving forward and sharing helpful stuff to achieve this. This section of the site is regularly up-dated with practical advice and motivating stories.

Inspirational Lemonade Makers

I am a big believer that hearing about other people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve, or are simply out there making a difference, is both inspiring and motivating.  I regularly talk with positive people who tell me their stories and how they have achieved success.

Advice and Articles

Looking for work, starting a business or taking steps to improve your situation is rarely easy and sometimes we could all do with some advice. I have written a number of articles and have been joined by some guest contributors to share some advice and suggestions.

Reccomended Reads

There’s nothing like a good book. If you are after a motivating read check out the titles which have been recommended here.

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