The Lemonade Way!

When I found myself in a situation of learning to live with newly acquired sight loss. Having replaced my fun, work hard- play hard lifestyle for my parents’ spare bedroom. I had left the career I had always wanted and was seemingly unemployable, it felt like life was dealing me nothing but lemons.

My experiences are integral to the way in which I run my organisation. I have experienced some ups and downs but life these days is much more about the ups. Through my life coaching, motivational speaking and personal development and professional development training I share my experiences and things I have tried that have helped me to overcome obstacles.

I believe what I learn every day from trying and failing and trying and succeeding helps me to support others. In turn, I learn as much from the people I am privileged to work with.

More information about me can be found here.

What Makes Working With Me Different?

One Size Does Not Fit All

I am very aware we all learn differently and prefer different approaches. My situation might be miles away from yours but that doesn’t actually matter. I facilitate you to start to see the bubbles and make YOUR OWN lemonade, YOUR way and to YOUR taste.

Your idea of success may be wholly different to the next person’s idea of success but that is fine, in fact that is brilliant!

Forget the Hype and the Buzzwords

The people I work with are not interested in hype and don’t talk in buzzwords and neither do I! If you check out other life coaching and personal development training websites they seem to range from the slick yet impersonal to the predictable and dull. The people I work with are neither of these things and neither am I.  I call a lemon a lemon so you can easily decide if it’s for you.

Happy to Help

I don’t have a FAQ page that consists of questions I have made up because I think they are what you are thinking, or I want to tell you something regardless of whether you are thinking it or not!

I have tried to answer questions you may have within this site, if you have a question or comment please get in touch.  I don’t bite! If I can’t help I might know someone who can.

I Make Lemonade Not Sausages!

I accept we live in a world where boxes need to be ticked and targets met and I am happy to work with you to achieve those targets and tick those boxes. Like you, I am more interested in PEOPLE than paperwork and I very much believe that people should be the priority. I have been known to turn a lucrative contract down because the paperwork and box ticking was beyond ridiculous. The people might as well have been sausage meat being put through a machine to churn out identical sausages and I couldn’t take the work on with any integrity.

If events in your life have left you with obstacles to overcome you are in the right place. Equally, if you work with people who have barriers to address to achieve success I can work with you.

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