Life and Career Coaching

“If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure how ‘life-coaching’ was going to help, I hoped it might assist me to get a little clearer about what I wanted to achieve on various fronts. With Steph’s guidance, impartial listening and, at times, challenging questioning, I feel a lot happier about what I’m doing and where I’m heading.  Steph won’t sort your life out for you, but she will help you plan some changes, and that was just what I needed”.

Richard Boggie


“I engaged Steph as a business consultant at a time that my company was running into a dead end. Working with Steph was an inspirational experience for me. She is not only an expert in the field of disability but she also has an in depth understanding of how to help a busines leader achieve their potential. Steph helped me to gain awareness and chang the ideas that were holding me back. Since working with her my company has grown and I have gained a new client. I am now working on a sustainable long term project with a government department. I would recommend Steph Cutler’s business coaching to any business leader.”

Halina Pytlasinska, Creative Space learning

“Thanks Steph for the coaching and your creative marketing suggestions. I am already getting some great results”.

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

“Steph provides unrivalled levels of support, going far beyond any other business mentor I have ever encountered. Having used other business mentors ,I can honestly say that none have ever offered such high levels of support and service as Making Lemonade

When I started my business I was  not too confident, But being  mentored by Steph for a year gave me that drive. Now I can overcome whatever  I  can think of “Thank you Steph”

Ashif Sindhi, Sindhi Systems

“It was a great day, immediately impacting on my working performance, thank you. I found you were very easy to talk to and inspirational, that you were open about your visual impairment. It was very refreshing to meet someone younger willing to share their experiences/journey of living with a visual impairment.

I am sure you will be happy to know that the initial stages of the goal I set has been successful and I am well underway with the rest of it.”

Paul Wroe, RNIB Trainee Web and Graphic Designer, The East Sussex Association of Blind & Partially Sighted People

“I wanted to let you know how my life has changed since attending the recent Leading Ability course and in particular the one to one coaching you have provided.

You will recall that although I had a lot of enthusiasm for developing my leadership skills, my working experiences to date had never incorporated a structured approach to personal development. With your patience and understanding we were able to identify the barriers which were preventing my ability to grow and therefore maximise my potential. Your one to one coaching helped me break down those barriers enabling me to see things differently and realise how fundamentally we are all the same but different.

On recognising certain areas for development I have joined a public speaking group which I initially found scary but now find absolutely invigorating. It is developing my presentation skills, giving me the tools to be an effective speaker, and make a whole group of new friends and like minded individuals. This is something I would never have dreamed of doing until our coaching sessions.

I must say I have really enjoyed working with you on the course and the coaching sessions. I feel I have experienced an incredible journey since we started only a few months ago and would attribute a lot of that success to your support and input.

I want to thank you for all you have given me and very much look forward to working with you again some day”.

Carol Slade, Commercial Services Manager, ECDP

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