Training and Workshops

“I was very impressed with the event. I think I had some pre-conceptions that you would be really gung-ho with enthusiasm, and it was so nice to see how gentle you were and how human!  You were so friendly and smiley, and didn’t make it sound as though you had everything sussed (which can be a bit intimidating).  It was a great approach and everyone responded really well to it”.

Julie Kemmy, Information Advice and Advocacy Development Manager. Equal Lives


“Thanks for delivering the motivational workshop today. The verbal feedback I have had throughout the day has been phenomenal. My clients are inspired to continue seeking work’”

Jat Summan, BME Employment Officer, Action for Blind People

“Thanks for the visual awareness training. I truly believe you are an inspiration to all creatures great and small!”

Sharde Saver Communications

“The three hours flew by which is testament to you for making the disability awareness training informative and interesting. The feedback I’ve had from colleagues is that they thought the training was very good and will be useful not just in their role at the festival but also in every day situations. We will strive to cascade the training to all staff and stewards/security to help improve disabled people’s experience of our festival.”

Andrew Wood, Festival Manager, Bingley Music Live



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