Speed Recruitment for Job Seekers

Speed Recruitment for Job Seekers

By Steph Cutler


Speed recruitment is like speed dating for professionals. It evolved from the speed dating model and provides a structured process for meeting a large amount of people in a short space of time.


If the thought of speed recruitment makes you feel anxious, comparing it with speed dating probably didn’t help ease your anxiety! However, here are five tips to ease the nerves so you present a confident and credible you.


1.   Make a Great First Impression

Making a great first impression is always important, but it is arguably more important in a speed recruitment setting. First impressions are created as swiftly as ever, but you have less time to reverse a poor first impression if you do not get it right in a speed interview.


Don’t be tempted to dress down because it is not a real interview or because it is a shortened version. Dress smartly so as to impress.


Your non-verbal communication will speak louder than your words in a first impression so consider your body language.


Be polite, say hello and outstretch your hand to be shaken. This is a good move if you have little or no sight as you may not see if the interviewer has his or her hand out for you to shake. It also shows confidence.


Lean into the conversation slightly, but not too much as this can be a bit off-putting. This shows you are listening and focused on what the other person is saying.


Give the impression of good eye contact. I know for some people, myself included, it is not possible to make true eye contact. However, if you keep your chin parallel to the desk or the floor, and you head in the direction of the voice you will be giving the impression of good eye contact. All that matters is that the impression the other person gets is that you are trustworthy and interested.


2.   Do Your Homework

 If possible ask for a list of employers who will be attending. Do a bit of digging into their companies or the sectors they are from. Use any information you learn to influence the answers you give or the questions you ask.


3.   Be Prepared

Make sure your CV is up to date and looking fab. Have plenty of copies to hand.


Consider getting some business cards printed for the occasion. They should include your contact details and ideally a reference to your LinkedIn profile or some other web platform where your CV is present. Business cards can be low-cost or no-cost so lack of funds need not be a barrier.


Be able to take down any contact details you are given or key bits of information. Have a note taker, pen and paper or dictaphone to hand. There is usually a little time between interviews for this.


As with any other interview have some questions ready to ask. You might want to enquire as to what employers in their company are looking for or what opportunities exist within their sector. These events present excellent opportunities for you to find out inside information and advice directly from professionals, which otherwise can be hard to come by.


Think ahead about how you want to come across and what you want the interviewers to know about you. Practice communicating concisely your skills, experiences and interests.


4.   Follow UP

Speed recruitment events give you a perfect opportunity to meet lots of employers in one hit. Don’t shy away from asking if you can keep in touch with any of the employers you have met and got on well with. It shows initiative and most people will be more than happy to oblige. At the very least get in touch after the event to thank them for their time.


5.   Be Yourself

Be natural and be yourself. That said, be professional, be prepared and be the very best version of yourself. There are lots of other applicants present so aim to be memorable. If you follow some of the tips above you will be memorable for all the right reasons.



Steph Cutler is a partially sighted employment trainer and coach. She supports disabled people to achieve meaningful employment and helps raise awareness of disability issues with employers.


Steph’s coaching and workshops provide disabled job seekers with the confidence and motivation to become successfully employed. She is also a popular inspirational speaker at employment and business events.

Follow Steph’s blog at http://making-lemonade.co.uk/b/

© Steph Cutler 2013


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