Training, Filming & Broadcasting

Training, Filming & Broadcasting

The last few weeks have seen me training visually impaired and deaf job seekers in Newcastle, London, Birmingham and Eastbourne. I have filmed visually impaired employees from a wide range of organisations and I have featured on Radio 4’s In Touch.


The job seeking training has been well received. The participants have been from a range of backgrounds, with a diverse range of experiences and a wealth of knowledge. Some have had experiences which have knocked their confidence but none were short of talent.


It never ceases to amaze me just how far a participant can come in such a short space of time. Having the opportunity to share time with people with similar lived experiences (and a good trainer!) can make all the difference to a participant’s outlook on life. It is also often said that they value that I, as the trainer, also have shared lived experience.


I find the most rewarding outcome of the time I spend with the job seeking participants is to witness them become more positive. In some cases this is evident in what they say, how they say it and in their body language. When this change occurs it immediately makes them more attractive as a candidate and, as importantly, they feel much better about themselves.


I have also spent time capturing the views of visually impaired people in work for the on-line employment resource I am creating for Action for Blind People. This is proving to be a really interesting project. There is some way to go yet but, by the time I am finished it will be a place for job seekers and employers to find information and inspiration. Watch this space for more news on this project.


Last week I was asked to contribute to In Touch, a BBC Radio 4 programme for visually impaired people. They were doing a programme on sight loss and self-employment and invited me on to the panel to represent a visually impaired person with an established business. I was delighted they chose to dedicate a programme to this topic and so agreed to take part. If you would like to listen to the programme go to


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