Speaking, Snow & Senior Managers

Speaking, Snow & Senior Managers

Looking forward to the Easter break after a busy period delivering motivational speaking, disability training and delivering work preparation training.


Pine Tree speakingLast week I was invited to speak at Northern Pine Tree Trust’s event for Remploy employees facing redundancy. The event focused on employment and self-employment options open to those present. Whatever your view on the government’s decision to close Remploy factories, it is hard not to feel for those living with disabilities and health conditions who no longer have work. Many have known no other employer, have worked for many years and now face a tough labour market.


There was a lot of great business ideas being discussed and a strong sense of networking. I sincerely hope many take up the support that was offered on the day.


The week before I travelled to Eastbourne to deliver motivational work preparation training to sensory impaired job seekers. Unfortunately I was met at Hampden Park train station by a blizzard! It was only  for the kindness of a stranger, that I made it to my hotel! After making it to  the hotel, I spent longer in my room than expected as the first day had to be cancelled. The weather was a lot kinder the following day and I delivered the best bits of two days content in one. Both the blind and deaf people present were up for it and soaked up all the suggestions. Much was asked of them to do some honest self reflection and to identify steps forward and they rose to the challenge.


In collaboration with my regular client, Attitude is Everything I designed a ninety minute disability awareness session for senior managers at The O2. The O2 are forward thinking in their approach to access for disabled people and are the first music arena to reach the gold standard of Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice.


It was brilliant to be invited to speak to senior managers and leaders. All too often, the senior managers are conspicuous in their absence at disability awareness training sessions. Often they send someone else in their place or believe it applies to line managers and front-line staff. In my opinion organisations get it right more often when commitment is demonstrated from the top down.


Hats off to The O2 senior managers for assigning time and showing up in great numbers to attend the bespoke training.


I designed the disability training with several twists along the way. It was designed to challenge those in attendance and be super relevant to their roles and their organisation. Thankfully, it went really well as I don’t mind admitting I took a few risks with the session. Dull, predictable training is not what I am about or ever want to be about, which meant I challenged myself as well as the senior managers!

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