Finding Your Feet

Finding Your Feet

Acquiring a disability is tough. It takes a lot to adapt to your new situation and begin to look forward to a future. What I really like about the RNIB Finding Your Feet programme is that it acknowledges that the process is also tough for the friends and family of those who are supporting their loved one during this time.


The first in the series of programmes includes practical and emotional issues. Both the person experiencing sight loss and a person close to them can attend together. The impact this has on all participants is really amazing. I know as I have been part of the follow-on programme and the feedback is very positive.


I have been co-delivering the three day Find Your Feet: Steps into Work programme all over England over the last year. It explores options and opportunities open to the participants and provides them with the confidence and motivation to take steps to achieve their goals. While participants are at varying stages of coming to terms with sight loss they always have valuable skills and experiences. Due to the rough time they have often had they don’t always see these in themselves, but as a trainer I see them in abundance. It has been a fantastic privilege to be part of the programme and to pass on tools and tips to enable the participants to move forward and see a future for themselves.


There is a great short film at showing the outcomes from the participants. The woman who gets emotional went on to attend the programme I worked on and she has come so far you would not believe it is the same person.


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