An Interviewer’s Perspective

An Interviewer’s Perspective

This week I was invited to sit on an interview panel. We were recruiting for an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer for my local hospital. I represented the voice of an external party and someone with lived experience.


The post is really important as the successful candidate will be the point of contact for people who may have just had a diagnosis of sight loss. I know from many of the visually impaired people that I train and coach that this time is really difficult. Getting the right support and information is key to how people feel and what they go on to achieve.


I had a good experience at the hospital on diagnosis, but sadly I hear that many people don’t. People often tell me they feel they ‘wasted’ years during the transition period before coming to terms with their diagnosis and taking positive steps forward.


We had some strong candidates and it really brought it home to me how tough it is at the moment to be the selected candidate. It is of course difficult to be the one sitting facing the panel but it is also difficult to be one of the people sitting behind the table. Some recruitment decisions are difficult to make and end up being marginal.


With this in mind, it is advisable to pay attention to the small details in your preparation and on the day. Don’t leave anything to chance and make it as hard as possible for the interviewer to say ‘no’ to you.


I know it can be really disheartening when you are not selected and remember that there is often very little that separates some candidates. Seek feedback and keep trucking on. If you are doing all the right things and responding to feedback your time will come.


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