Well-being in Wolverhampton


team building task 1Over the last few months I have delivered personal development workshops on six Tuesday evenings with a great group of disabled people in Wolverhampton.


It was all part of a health and well-being project called, Flourish To Be You. A community project designed to promote health, well-being and the mainstream gym to local disabled people.


As part of the project I delivered informal workshops on:


  • Self      Reflection
  • Team Work
  • Confidence      Building
  • Problem      Solving
  • Effective      Communication
  • Goal Setting


team building task 4A merry band of committed people turned up for every session and we had a good time while thinking about our current lifestyles and our future aspirations.

At our last session the participants spoke of amazing goals they had set for themselves. They spoke with conviction and some of them had begun to take actions towards achieving the outcomes.

I very much hope to keep in touch with the participants as Tuesday evenings are not going to be the same!


“Steph’s workshops were extremely uplifting and thought provoking. I regarded them as the focal point of my week. They gave me a lightness of spirit and optimism throughout the week. I refer to them in mind, particularly when I feel hemmed in by a situation, and consider how I’m thinking within the context, asking myself questions about how I can adapt the situation or be flexible myself. It reinforced the way of being I’ve chosen, and has assisted me to stay with this when I find myself doubtful. Feeling uplifted both by the workshop and Steph’s wonderfully involved and gentle guidance continues. I admired how she listened attentively to people, understood from their perspective and made relevant suggestions. She made it a safe and stimulating time that rippled out into our lives”.

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  1. Dr Paul A. Darke May 21, 2013 at 6:42 pm #

    Brilliant workshops and Steph was, as always, fantastic. We look forward to working with Steph again one day soon – and we hope that is sooner rather than later..

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