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Forget what you know about life coaching from the TV. My life coaching is not TV style life coaching.Truth is, even I think life coaching can sound a bit naff!

I do know my coaching greatly benefits people with their life, business and work objectives….and results are far more important than the name.

Within the UK coaching is usually delivered by phone, but can be delivered face-to-face or via email. Outside the UK I deliver coaching by Skype.

I coach you to make real, lasting change in the shortest possible time. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

By focusing on your strengths you create a vision for how you want things to be. I’ll coach you to explore the options open to you, you will realise what you can achieve and will take steps to make it happen. It’s all about the lemonade, by this I mean the successful, end result.

If events in your life have left you with obstacles to overcome then you are in good company. If you think life coaching sounds a bit naff and you are a bit cynical then you are also in good company!

I was introduced to a life coach while I was adjusting to sight loss and starting my business. I was not very willing in the first instance to take up the life coaching opportunity. I had a preconceived idea of what life coaching was and I did not think it was for me.

As I was still dealing with a big change and about to take the big plunge into self-employment I reluctantly took up an offer of life coaching. The coaching I received played a massive part in the time it took for me to turn my lemons into lemonade. I found myself overcoming obstacles that I wasn’t fully aware of and taking actions, that I might have taken anyway, but in half the time and with increased confidence. I went from a cynic to a total convert, so much so that I am now a qualified life coach myself.

What you would like to do something about may be personal or professional, huge or seemingly insignificant. The good news is, it really doesn’t matter what size or shape your lemons take you can turn them into lemonade.

More information about life coaching can be found here 

More Pith Than Juice?

If your work/life balance is a bit unbalanced and you want to achieve greater harmony between the two – I can help. 

Can’t see the Lemonade for the Lemons?

If problems and obstacles are everywhere you turn and you want to find a clear path through it all – I can help.

Got a Juicy Idea you want to Pursue?

If you have an idea or goal you want to achieve – I can help

Your Glass of Lemonade is Half Empty rather than Half Full?

Feeling despondent, stuck in a rut or losing your zest? – I can help.

Is Life Squeezing the Juice out of You?

If people or issues are bringing you down and you want to reduce or remove things that are draining you – I can help.

The bottom line is – if it is important to you and you would like to make the necessary changes in your life then get in touch I can help.

But Don’t Take My Word For It…..

Mo attended one of my employment support workshops. He took up the follow-on life coaching, which was timely as he was about to begin studying to re-sit his Legal Practice exams. I supported him with regular telephone coaching and soon Mo began to shine.

He created a revision plan and he worked within it. I arranged for him to loan a specifically adapted scanner that read his books to him, which eliminated the eye strain he was experiencing.

Mo went on to pass his final exams. He initially developed his knowledge and confidence in two relevant voluntary positions and he is now in full-time employment.

“I attended Steph’s event at the RNIB a few months back and found it very inspiring and thought provoking. As a result of this I took up her offer of continued telephone life coaching. At the time, my law exams were approaching and I was in need of a coach to offer me a helping hand.

Steph’s positive energy and inspiring words always seemed to uplift me during stressful periods in my revision. She was very positive, which encouraged me to feel more positive. She also offered some very good practical advice to make my revision more effective. I subsequently went on to pass my exam and definitely feel that Steph contributed immensely to my success. I now feel more confident about my forthcoming exam.”

Mohammed Khan


“I wanted to let you know how my life has changed since attending the recent LeadingAbility course and in particular the life coaching you have provided.

You will recall that although I had a lot of enthusiasm for developing my leadership skills, my working experiences to date had never incorporated a structured approach to personal development. With your patience and understanding we were able to identify the barriers which were preventing my ability to grow and therefore maximise my potential. Your life coaching helped me break down those barriers enabling me to see things differently and realise how fundamentally we are all the same but different.

On recognising certain areas for personal development I have joined a public speaking group which I initially found scary but now find absolutely invigorating. It is developing my presentation skills, giving me the tools to be an effective speaker, and make a whole group of new friends and like minded individuals.  This is something I would never have dreamed of doing until our coaching sessions.

I must say I have really enjoyed working with you on the course and the coaching sessions. I feel I have experienced an incredible journey since we started only a few months ago and would attribute a lot of that success to your support and input.

I want to thank you for all you have given me and very much look forward to working with you again some day”.

Carol Slade Commercial Services Manager ECDP

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