Partnership Collaboration: LeadingAbility

Collaborating with LeadingAbilityLEADING-ABILITY

LeadingAbility is a leadership programme created and delivered by disabled people for disabled people.

Unlike most mainstream leadership programmes LeadingAbility directly addresses the interface between leadership and disability and takes the view that disability is an advantage for leadership.

Employees of Disabled Persons’ Organisations (DPOs)

I co-designed and co-delivered four 24 hour LeadingAbility modules to employees of DPOs in the East of England.

100% of participants said they would recommend the programme to others. It covered:

  • Setting powerful outcomes
  • Using disability to enhance your leadership style
  • Making financial choices and strategic decisions
  • Effective communication, influencing and branding
  • Transforming teams
  • Presentation skills, including delivering a presentation to an invited audience
  • Launching an alumni
  • One-to-one ccoaching

The participants had the following to say:

“I can’t thank you enough for changing my life”

“Before I came on the programme my vision was always ‘can I?’, now it’s ‘I can’”

Personal Leadership Taster Days

I contributed to the adaptation of LeadingAbility into one-day leadership development events for Dis Lib.Dis Lib logo

Dis Lib is a capacity building project made up of an alliance of seven organisations. Together they offer support and advice to DPOs.

A series of one-day personal leadership taster days were held for leaders of DPOs in England. The purpose of the events was to enable the leaders and aspiring leaders to understand and enhance their existing leadership skills and pass them on within their organisations.

I delivered personal leadership coaching to individual participants and  a group training session on, Communicating your Organisation’s Brand.

“Found it really useful. Have come away with some very real and relevant ideas and lots of inspiration and clarification for my own thinking.”

“It has given me the confidence to make the tough decisions that need making”

“I will use it to enhance and inform my work (at all levels within the organisation) in the future.”


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