Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Warwick Jarvis

Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Warwick Jarvis

I recently met Warwick Jarvis and when he told me his story I felt he was perfect to

be an Inspirational Lemonade Maker. Warwick was forced to leave his promising sporting career behind when he was at the wrong end of a tackle intended to cause injury. The injury he sustained led him to be in a coma that doctors thought he would not come out from.

In true ‘making lemonade’ style Warwick not only came out of the coma but turned his life around and achieved success with his legal costs drafting company.

Here is Warwick’s responses to my first five questions:


Five Questions For Fun

Is there anything you would like to develop or try for the first time this year? In terms of personal development I hope to work on my fitness. In terms of work life I am aiming to expand the number of staff and clients in order to hit the turnover target I have set myself.

What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out? That is a tough one, probably that nothing good in life comes without hard work (or maybe also to listen more)

Who is your hero? John McEnroe would be my sporting hero. In terms of professional hero I would say Lord Sugar or Duncan Bannatyne (obvious maybe but still valid answers)

What would you wish someone would invent? Another hard question; any missing gadget I may desire will certainly be invented soon enough. I don’t hanker after anything specific on this one. I have most of what I need and if I don’t yet have it, I can manage without it!

What is the last thing you think before your head hits the pillow? My plans for the next day; work schedule and tasks, marketing emails to send, what sort of exercise session I want to do and what I want to play with my kids. As you can imagine, the old grey matter is still functioning even at that late stage in the day.

Read all about Warwick’s incredible story here

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