Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Liz Jackson

Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Liz Jackson

I had the pleasure of speaking with Liz Jackson recently. She is the founder of Great Guns Marketing and one of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaires. Great Guns marketing turns over £3m annually and employs around 130 people. Her success speaks for itself and I was keen to invite Liz to be one of my Inspirational Lemonade Makers. I was additionally keen to speak with Liz as she inspired me to become a business owner.

I was grappling with the perceived enormity of taking the plunge and setting up a business when I heard Liz speak at a business start-up event. I didn’t know it at the time but Liz’s speech was just what I needed to hear. Liz was smart, funny and hugely successful. She inspired all the audience with her speech but probably inspired me especially. Liz had lost her sight months after starting her business and I had recently experienced sight loss and was about to take the plunge. At the time I was having a wobble as to whether to go for it and set up a business. I left the room, having shaken Liz’s hand and knew that the wobble was over. There was only one way and that was up. When I hear it said how role models can be influential in a person’s life I think of Liz and know it can be true.

I could not have known it at the time, but in one way I have followed in her shoes as I now speak at business start-up events myself and aspire to have the same impact on others that Liz had on me.

To read about my chat with Liz click here.

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