Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Kerry Thorpe

Inspirational Lemonade Maker: Kerry Thorpe

I recently heard Kerry Thorpe on the radio talking about the donor register awareness campaign she is fronting. She was so personable and so positive and she impressed me so much that she literally stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to support her with her tongue-in-cheek campaign and do my bit to help spread the word so I invited Kerry to be an Inspirational Lemonade Maker.

Kerry is 20 and is waiting for a double lung transplant. She finds difficult many things that many of us take for granted and faces an uncertain future. however, she shows remarkable strength and leadership regardless of her situation.


Kerry wants the campaign to raise the number of people who have signed up to be a donor register. She says “something good can come out of an awful situation. By donating a heart, that heart can go on living in someone else”


Sadly three people in the UK die every day waiting for a transplant and this is simply because there are not sufficient donors.


Almost all of us would accept a transplant if we needed one but only 29% of people are on the donor register. If you would accept one then consider giving one.


Go to

For more information on the Live Life Then Give Life campaign go to  

To read more about my chat with the inspirational Kerry click here



Five Questions For Fun


1.  What is your guilty pleasure?


My guilty pleasure is definitely playing poker! I’m not a gambler or anything but I play every Monday night at a pub. I don’t even care about winning but the social side of it I love! Of course I like it when I win, but being in great company is fantastic and a lot of fun!


2.   What book have you read that had a impact on you?


The book I’ve read that’s had a big impact would have to be ‘Change of Heart’ by Jodi Picoult (my favourite author) the book is about a girl who needs a heart transplant but due to her condition, a perfect match is very rare and the only available match is a person on death-row who was believed to kill the girls sister. The book had a huge impact on me because it made me think about whether I would accept the heart if I was in her situation, obviously knowing I need an organ myself it made me think about whether you really do inherit any of the donor’s personality or not! Definitely a fantastic book to read and it really does make you think!


3.  What song do you listen to when you are feeling down and want to feel uplifted?


I don’t really have a particular song I listen to when I’m down as I’m a huge music fan, so anything up-tempo that I can sing along to and if it takes my mind off whatever the problem was, it’s perfect for me.


4.   What three words would you use to describe you?


The three words I’d say to describe me would be – Determined, Energetic (despite my health I’m always wide awake and hyper!) and Honest.


  5. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?


The last thing I laughed out loud at was my very silly puppy Foxxy! She is completely mental and makes me laugh when she is going on a mad one with her toys.




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