Golden Tip For How To Answer Interview Questions

By Steph Cutler

Your confidence will increase, your nerves will lessen and you will vastly improve your chances of success if you are fully prepared when arriving for your interview.

You must be clear and concise in your answers and make it easy for the person interviewing you to understand your responses, and to relate them to the vacancy they are seeking to fill. A senior HR manager once told me a great tip that allows you to do all of these things. I have since shared this tip with countless job seekers who have gone on to achieve success as a result. So why not try it?

The golden tip for answering interview questions is to prepare STAR Model Answers beforehand. Here’s how…..

1. Look back over your life, personal or professional, and identify skills and experiences you have that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

2. Compose scenarios based on your experiences following the format of Situation, Task, Action and Result – the STAR model. Start your scenario by outlining the situation you faced and lead on to the task it created. Describe the action YOU took and end strongly with the positive result you achieved. This will ensure you give persuasive answers that will stand you in good stead, particularly in the ever-popular, competency-based interviews.

3. Enter the interview with several STAR Model Answers up your sleeve, based on questions you believe you are likely to be asked. Pick out key experiences or attributes from the job description that you know they are looking for and use these to guide what answers you prepare. Remember, you can use examples from your personal life, as well as any previous professional experience to base your STAR answer on.

Use this model to shine like a STAR in your next interview!

Steph Cutler had a successful career in the fashion industry when she experienced unexpected sight loss. Determined from the start, she began adapting to her new challenges. She found it disproportionately difficult to gain work compared to when she did not have a disability and so understands the challenges disabled job seekers face.


Steph’s coaching and workshops provide disabled job seekers with the confidence and motivation to become successfully employed. She is also a popular inspirational speaker at employment and business events.

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