Disability Awareness Brownie Badge

Brownie_wearing_simulation_specsWhen my niece first became a Brownie I showed her my old uniform hoping she would be impressed with all my badges.

The uniform has changed hugely since my brown bobble hat and shirt dress days and her comment was that my dress was from ‘the olden days’!

The uniform is not the only thing that has significantly changed, the badges have significantly changed too. A new addition from the ‘olden days’ is the inclusion of a Disability Awareness badge. As favourite Auntie and disability awareness trainer I went along to help the Brownies at my niece’s pack achieve their disability awareness badge.

I delivered a fun and interactive sensory loss awareness session. They all got stuck in to using my talking and tactile gadgets and learned about alternative formats as well as lip reading and finger spelling. By the end they could all finger spell their names and took home their names in Braille.

From their point of view they had a fun night and learned lots. From my point of view I was heartened that modern day Brownies include disability awareness as part of their portfolio of badges and that the young girls were really open and receptive to disability issues. Some gave better responses to my questions than I get from some of the grown ups that attend my disability awareness training sessions!

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