Disability Equality Training

My disability equality training (including visual awareness training) provides your colleagues with practical solutions and the confidence to address disability issues.

More organisations than ever believe that good disability equality training empowers staff to understand the value that disabled customers and employees bring to their organisations. The barriers facing disabled people are far more likely to be caused by the way organisation and services are structured than by a person’s impairment.

My disability training:

  • Addresses stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about disability
  • Introduces the Social Model and puts it in a practical context
  • Enables participants to identify current or potential organisational inequalities
  • Gives an overview of disability legislation
  • Explores positive and practical changes which remove or reduce barriers
  • Encourages questioning and is non-judgemental

Contact me to find out more or to discuss your particular requirements. The content can be customised.

But don’t take my word for it….

“Absolutely excellent. Clear communication. Wonderful trainer.”

Participant from disability equality training for ‘Discover Young Hackney’

My favourite feedback is from participants who admit they never wanted to attend and go on to tell me it was worthwhile and relevant!

“I recently attended a corporate two and a half day course covering similar issues and I left feeling we had been intimidated. This disability training was completely the opposite and well worth doing! ”

Local authority participant who attended my 90 minute disability equality session

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