Wear Confidence- It goes with everything!

Wear Confidence- It goes with everything!

It is generally agreed that, how we look can affect how we feel and how we feel can affect how we look. Stylists will tell you certain colours will suit you and certain styles are in vogue and they will probably be right. However, I believe that anyone looks great if they wear whatever it is with confidence. I have friends who confidently break all fashion rules and look great. They are not necessarily conventionally beautiful and they wear every no-no screaming from the pages of magazines, but they wear confidence like a must-have accessory and it shows.

My days of working in the fashion industry are long gone and so I am not giving fashion advice here. I thought I’d share what I have learned since leaving the fashion industry, so here are my top five alternative style tips:

1. Positive Association

Wear something that makes you feel fantastic and reminds you of a special person or occasion. This could be a particular perfume, fab pair of shoes or a tie your kids bought you. I have a few items of clothing that I know always boosts my mood. If these items could talk they’d tell a tale of friendship, achievement and good times. I am a believer in using your wardrobe to boost your confidence and putting a spring in your step.

2. Walk Tall – literally!

My friends call me Ministeph for a reason, but I can add inches by sitting up straight and walking tall. A change in your physiology can change your state of mind. I feel more confident if my body language communicates confidence.

3. Stop Fidgeting!

Statistically, this applies to women more than men. It is a shame if your appearance is fantastic but you are finger knitting in your lap and twirling your hair every five minutes. This is a lesson I need to apply. Fidgeting is a habit that can give the impression of under confidence and is guaranteed to spoil any look.

4. Get a Second Opinion

If the occasion is important to you then arrange to get the opinion of someone you trust beforehand. A second opinion will deliver an independent message which can establish confidence. Let them know how you want to look and feel and ask for their honest opinion. Don’t get the hump if you don’t like what you hear though!

5. Smile

A smile makes you feel better and also makes you look confident. It goes with whatever you are wearing and costs nothing.

Communicating confident enhances any look. Get these tips working for you and you will be looking, as well as feeling, fabulous.

If you like the idea of feeling more confident please get in touch. I have coached lots of people to feel more confident. I’d love to hear from you.




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