Sight Loss: A Gift

Sight Loss: A Gift. None of us can choose what life sometimes throws at us, but we have a choice in how we react. It is since becoming visually impaired and becoming a life coach that I have come to believe this. This is something I talk about in my new eBook, ‘Living with more vision and less sight’.

I choose to believe my sight loss is a gift because it has given me so much. While I believe this, I can’t deny that sometimes I wish it was a gift that came with the receipt and I could return it!

There are times when living with sight loss is no fun, it is frustrating and isolating and it presents challenges I could do without. However, I acknowledge that I would not be in my current position without having received the gift of sight loss. I certainly would not have met the many incredible people I have since met. I would not have my brilliant business and so I would not have the opportunities to raise awareness of issues that make the difference to lots of people. I would not be able to share what I have learned with others. Subsequently, they would not proceed to fulfill their potential and influence others to do the same.

I don’t wish to simplify something which is life changing but I stand by what I say. Life changing can be changed for the better or changed for the worse. How we choose to respond is way more life changing than a medical condition or other adverse situation.

I know this to be true because I know people who have lived with slight sight los for years and are still ‘coming to terms’ with it. For these people, it often seems to be down to someone else that they can’t move on. I also know people with no sight who are active in their communities, are great parents and enjoy life. Again I don’t wish to over simplify this. I accept different people have different additional contributing factors, but we don’t have to simply accept our lot.

Being human, it is not natural to be relentlessly positive. When I am frustrated because I can’t drive or I am fighting with inaccessible websites I curse the bloody gift and would return it in a flash. I call these, ‘receipt moments’! Sometimes they are ‘receipt days’, but I am conscious not to let a ‘receipt day’ spiral into a ‘receipt week’.

It’s important to acknowledge when you are fed up and allow yourself to be fed up. It’s also important to know what helps when you are having a ‘receipt day’. Going for a walk, ringing a mate or pouring a glass of wine are part of my toolkit when I need to get over that there is no receipt! Knowing what makes you tick in these instances and doing things that will likely help is part of ‘managing’ your situation’ as opposed to ’coping with your situation’. The two are different and you have a choice about that too.

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