‘Living with more vision and less sight’

‘Living with more vision and less sight’

This year is my tenth year since acquiring my sight loss. When looking back over a ten year period most people would describe themselves as, ‘older and wiser’. The older bit goes without saying…..the wiser bit….well that is not necessarily a given!

I believe I have become wiser over the last ten years and I believe my sight loss has played a major part in becoming wiser. The sort of ‘wiser’ I am talking about is the everyday stuff that shapes you to be the person you are and influences the views and values you hold. Calling my eBook ‘Living with more vision and less sight’ pretty much sums up how I feel looking back over this time. The book is a collection of my thoughts, experiences and what I have learned along the way.Front cover

Ten years ago, on hearing of imminent sight loss I decided to throw an ‘I’m going to go blind’ party! This year I celebrated by writing an eBook to mark the anniversary. World Sight Day 2013 seemed the perfect day to launch it.

Download your copy from www.making-lemonade.co.uk/ebook

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