Go Hard or Go Home!

I had very little interest in the Sochi Winter Olympics prior to its arrival but it strangely got a hold of me once it began.

 I am not a massive sports fan, but sport does appeal to the coach in me. I love what it teaches us about achievement and success. The athletes demonstrate at the highest level what it takes to achieve goals in your life. I am always so impressed by their absolute determination, the sacrifices they make and their focus on the task. They never give in and always give their best efforts.

All of these things are text book ingredients for achieving successful outcomes and this is what appeals to me. I spend much of my time delivering personal development training and coaching and all of these things underpin my work – hence the appeal. So much of what I saw within the Winter Olympics inspired me and reminded me to apply the principles the athletes showed to my own life.


So many of the events simply seem impossible. The athletes prioritise the power of self-belief over the power of gravity proving that anything is possible. Another great example of we can all apply to our own ambitions.


My new favourite expression (inspired by the Winter Olympics) is ‘go hard or go home’. I have been telling myself this regularly through what has been a tough few weeks. If you are not going to give it your best shot then basically why bother and if your answer to ‘why bother’ is important to you then GO HARD!


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