Confidence: Positive Triggers

Everyone needs a confidence boost at times. I’m talking about a boost of belief, a boost of reassurance and a boost of perspective that gives you that nudge or confirmation to feel you can do it or to give you some grounding.

Even before I’d ever heard of positive affirmations I was doing this so I believe in it. When I was having a tough time adapting to living with sight loss I played Beautiful Day by U2 before I got out of bed every morning. It spoke to me, telling me that even though I was undoubtedly having a tough time I could still have a beautiful day.

Looking back, I was using that track as a positive message which helped me at that time to start my day in a positive frame of mind. As a life coach I now know just how powerful positive triggers can be. They can be written, verbal, musical, visual or anything else that says something to you that you need to hear. It doesn’t matter if they seem utterly random to the rest of the world and you can have lots of these…. there are no rules. They can be public or no one need ever know but you. I thought I’d share some examples:

I am reminded of the recent Commonwealth Games where Lynsey Sharp won a silver medal just hours after being on a drip with a vomiting bug. She wrote on her hand, ‘get out strong and commit’.  A positive message which may have given her the edge as she passed four of her rivals in the home straight. ‘

I recently spoke at an event organised by a really efficient woman. Within the conference she shared that she can be under confident at times and doubts her own abilities. She shared that her girlfriend had printed out the email she received offering her the position she deservedly holds and stuck it on the door. What her girlfriend did was to make her doubting other half see evidence every day that others believed she was good enough. It was evident to me and everyone else that she was great at her job and I’m glad that email encourages her every day to continue doing what she does.

photoI have a funny little thing that sits on my desk that my then three year old niece gave to me when I was really frustrated. When my sister and niece met me in town I was struggling with just about everything and close to tears. Then I heard a familiar voice bellow down the aisle ‘Auntie Stephy, I’ve made you a bug’! She seemed like a little super hero to me in her shopping trolley and in an instant she’d put everything in context. When I am frustrated and need some perspective I look to the bug. Works every time.

jane 1My Inspirational Lemonade Maker Jane Cordell carries with her a particular poem which gives her strength. She read it to herself on her way to her high profile employment tribunal. In her words it, ‘makes her smile and puts things into perspective’. You can read the poem here.

I built my business around another positive trigger. ‘If life deals you lemons…… make lemonade’ is another one I use to motivate me to take positive action. It is now the name of my business and what I do with my clients.

Whether it’s a photo, a song, a poem, an email, a saying or a bug(!), these little things can make a big difference.

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