Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Task 6

Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Task 6

Final task: Look at your responses and complete your Wheel of Life. #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


wheeloflifeThe wheel of life is a simple and flexible life coaching tool. You can use it to look at general life balance or at specific areas in your life.


You start by giving each segment a heading and then grade each segment according to how satisfied you feel about it. You can label the segments in a number of ways:


  • General topics (as per example on the wheel of life front page)
  • Top things that stress you out
  • Wheel of finance
  • Wheel of happiness


For example, if you choose to create a ‘wheel of happiness’ you would label the segments according to what excites you, what things you enjoy and ultimately what makes you happy! They could include hobbies, family outings, nights out with the girls/boys etc. Give them a grade according to how much you are drawn to the topic, how satisfied you feel or how much additional time you want to spend on them. Commit to an action in each area or a couple of areas where you would like to feel increased happiness.


If you choose to create a ‘wheel of finance’, then topics might be savings, debt reduction, budgeting, saving for a holiday, switching utility providers, phone expenditure, reducing overdraft etc


If you have a goal in mind then use the wheel to identify areas that represent things you can do to create a successful outcome. For example, if your goal is to find a new job, your segments might include social media, up-date CV, recruitment agencies, existing networks, on-line job alerts etc. You can then grade which of these you want to work at or do first.


A completed wheel gives you a clear, visual indication of where you are at. You can then give a second grade to where you would like to be with each topic. It’s a great tool to evaluate progress and identify what areas still exist that you would like to change.



Download your wheel of life here



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