Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q3

Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q3

#Coaching Q3a: You win £250,000 on the lottery, what do you spend it on? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


Another thought provoking one! £250,000 is a large amount of money, but it probably won’t provide you with all you need to rely on for the rest of your days.



#Coaching Q3b: In the absence of a lottery win, what can you do now? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


What many of my clients find, is that when they look at their response to the question above they don’t actually need the lottery win to make some of the things a reality. This is not because they are wealthy necessarily; it’s often because what they have responded with is not entirely unworkable. They might need the lottery win to do it all or in their ideal way, but with a little planning and creative thinking  they see something is possible.


To give you an example, I know someone who responded that they would go to Mount Everest’s base camp. She then went away and did some research. Firstly, the cost wasn’t as high as she had imagined. She worked out her finances and decided with a little sacrifice she could afford it. The other barrier was her fitness. She is of the opinion that this is a once in a lifetime experience and the fitter she is the more she will get out of it. She has booked to make the trip next year and is currently working on her fitness. Improving her fitness is a spin off, money-can’t-buy goal that has resulted from her response to a question about a fantasy lottery win.


One of my responses was that I would buy a tandem. This got me thinking that I may not need a lottery win to make this happen.


I found out about a charity that hires tandems and I am in the process of applying to hire one over the summer. Not quite the same as owning one, but the next best thing. Without thinking about this question I would not have pursued this and I would not have the opportunity to enjoy cycling this summer.


Take a look at your list and consider what steps you can take to make any of your plans happen. I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment.

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