Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q2

Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q2 –

#Coaching Q2a: If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would you meet? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


I found this coaching question took some thinking about, but in the end I went for Mo Mowlam.


She was a great female role model who was successful in a very male dominated, very tough work environment. She worked exceptionally hard to make a difference in highly sensitive situations. I admire her even more as she did much of this while living with a brain tumour. She was truly a people’s politician and UK politics would benefit from more like her.



#Coaching Q2b: What would you ask the person you chose in Q2a? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


I would ask her for her tips on how to successfully negotiate.



#Coaching Q2c: What does your Q2a&b answers tell you about yourself? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


When I looked back at why I chose Mo Mowlam I can see that my choice represents me well. I like to be motivated by people I find inspiring. I believe in working hard and challenging people’s misconceptions. I believe you should love what you do and do it with a smile; I am a believer a sense of humour is an advantage in stressful situations.


The question I would ask her highlighted an area where I can lack confidence. This led me to dig out an audio book on negotiating which I wouldn’t have done otherwise.


What does your answer say about you and what you would like to know more about? Leave a comment to share who you would meet and what you would ask them.

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