Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q1

Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Q1 #Coaching Q1a: What are the 5 most important things to you in your life? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


There are no right or wrong answers to this question. Your answers need to be honest and represent your current thinking.


This is a fairly typical values-based coaching question. Values are what we believe are important to us and to aspects of our lives. Our values are linked to our identity and often motivate our behaviour and direction. Thinking about your values is a great starting point when undertaking coaching.


I don’t want to get all ‘coachy’ on you right now, so simply think about who and/or what is important to you in your life.



Coaching Q1b: What makes them important to you? #PersonalDevelopment #MakingLemonade


It is sometimes easier to brainstorm your ideas and then arrange them in order of importance to you.


Q1a and Q1b are basic but important questions. Keep your responses in your mind as you continue answering the subsequent questions.


If you would like to share your responses please use the comments section below.

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