Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Campaign Next Steps

Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Campaign Next Steps

If you have been following my Twitter coaching questions this week you will know that life coaching techniques can be applied to just about any part of life; personal and professional.


What I love about life coaching is that it gets the best out of you by helping you to focus on what you can control rather than dwelling on things that you can’t.


It may be that having thought about your responses to the questions posted on Twitter you would like to explore them a bit further. You might want to consider what you can do to achieve greater balance or take action to achieve a particular outcome.


My coaching is all about bringing the very best out of you and enabling you to make decisions that will improve your life. To put it simply, my role as coach is to support you in achieving your goals.

Some typical reasons why people choose to work with me are:


  • To build confidence and self belief.
  • To help make decisions about getting back to work. This often includes steps to take and how to keep motivated during the process.
  • To explore options if looking to make a change in their life or want to move forward.
  • To build better personal or professional relationships.
  • To find personal peace of mind.
  • A general desire to ‘get sorted’.


This week you have had a flavour of coaching. If you wish to explore how it can be developed further get in touch. Coaching can be delivered face-to-face or via the phone, Skype (particularly useful if you are based outside the UK) or email.


The difference this time round is that you have personalised coaching which is much more specific and effective. You have one-to-one support in a confidential space.


Get in touch to have a chat through your responses to the Twitter questions and what you are thinking of doing to move things on. There is no obligation to sign up for any coaching and I would love to hear from you. 


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