Personal Development Coaching: Twitter Campaign Introduction

Personal Development Coaching:  Someone recently asked me who life coaching is for and who typically receives it. I responded that life coaching is for anyone but that typically it is taken up by executives. He asked me why this was and I replied there is a greater acceptance and understanding about what it is and a greater ability to pay.


Many people, myself included prior to experiencing coaching, have a misunderstanding about what life coaching is and don’t think it is for them. I also believe many people would happily buy a new TV or iPad but would not consider spending the equivalent on their personal development. We don’t tend to place a value on our fulfilment or future in the same way we do a gadget!


I know from personal experience just how beneficial life coaching can be. I was confident and driven and didn’t think it was for me. I reluctantly took up an offer of coaching and reached my goals quicker and with greater clarity with the challenging guidance of my coach.


I became a life coach and so I now also know from professional experience that coaching can significantly benefit everyone. I have countless examples of clients who far exceeded their own expectations after receiving my coaching. As a coach I do not offer advice or take any actions on behalf of my clients so the majority of the credit goes to them. As their  coach I challenge and empower them to succeed.


I concluded the two factors that put people off considering life coaching are money and a misconception about the service. Then I had an idea that I could do something to address both.


This week I am expanding the reach of coaching by using Twitter to spread the word. I am tweeting a coaching question each day and I will give greater explanations and examples on this blog.


One of the key things that make coaching work is the one-to-one relationship between the coach and coachee and I appreciate that this can’t be recreated in a Twitter feed. Nor will I be giving personalised follow-on questions which form part of effective coaching. My expectation is that it will go some way to explain how coaching questions can enable you to think about your current situation and beyond. How it is not necessarily for other people and that it could well be for you. If nothing else, it will provide food for thought all week and might just ignite something in you to consider.


Whether you decide to take time out to seriously consider your responses to the tweeted questions or you decide to treat it as a bit of fun with your friends or colleagues, you have nothing to lose by following. In the words of the Dr Pepper advert, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’!


More information about coaching can be found here



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