Guest Blogger: Olu Adebiyi


I was at a very low point in my life. Losing my vision was not unexpected but I was shocked.olu_photo The fact that I could no longer recognise people, that I could not read or write as I did before depressed me. The situation became even more difficult when I saw how hard it would be for me to get a job.

The shock of the situation affected my ability to think clearly. I was desperate to speak to someone who had been through a similar experience. I wanted to be inspired and to use their experience as a guide. A number of my friends helped along the way. But their advice was limited to what they knew of disability.

Working with Steph provided the missing piece of the puzzle. She had the personal experience I was looking for and this inspired me and gave me confidence in my own ability.

I took up Steph’s coaching and we began to discuss my plans for going back to work. After each session I went away with a list of things to do. My to do list was always something I enjoyed having because it gave me clarity. By breaking my goals into small tasks we began to achieve very concrete results. It made all the difference to me knowing that I was making progress and beginning to engage with the rest of the world again.

Steph was also able to accommodate the fact that I am based in Lagos, Nigeria. After each Skype session Steph would send an email to confirm what had been discussed and the action points.

Having an objective and listening ear has been a major factor in my recovery from the shock and dismay I felt at the event of losing a significant amount of vision.


I am delighted to say Olu has come full circle from when I first began coaching her. She has now secured the job she wanted at a national bank. Congratulations Olu!

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