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Confidence Building: Think You Can

I have recently delivered a number of events, two keynote speeches and facilitated several discussions on employment and leadership to disabled people. As is so often the case, confidence was a consistent point of discussion. I would go as far as to say that confidence is often a bigger barrier than access. It has led […]
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Confidence: Positive Triggers

Everyone needs a confidence boost at times. I’m talking about a boost of belief, a boost of reassurance and a boost of perspective that gives you that nudge or confirmation to feel you can do it or to give you some grounding. Even before I’d ever heard of positive affirmations I was doing this so […]
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Go Hard or Go Home!

I had very little interest in the Sochi Winter Olympics prior to its arrival but it strangely got a hold of me once it began.  I am not a massive sports fan, but sport does appeal to the coach in me. I love what it teaches us about achievement and success. The athletes demonstrate at […]
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Labels: Help or Hindrance?

Labels: Help or Hindrance?- I wrote a blog for Action for Blind People recently about registering sight loss and whether it was a label. It got me thinking more broadly about the labels we are given and the labels we give to others. We are all aware of negative labels from an early age. ‘The […]
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‘Living with more vision and less sight’

‘Living with more vision and less sight’ This year is my tenth year since acquiring my sight loss. When looking back over a ten year period most people would describe themselves as, ‘older and wiser’. The older bit goes without saying…..the wiser bit….well that is not necessarily a given! I believe I have become wiser […]
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Questions of Confidence

So what is this thing called confidence that I’ve been writing about and I hear so much about? There are of course dictionary definitions of confidence but I have little interest in these. Confidence is personal and I’m interested in what confidence means to individuals. I hear the word confidence every day. Often it is […]
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Sight Loss: A Gift

Sight Loss: A Gift. None of us can choose what life sometimes throws at us, but we have a choice in how we react. It is since becoming visually impaired and becoming a life coach that I have come to believe this. This is something I talk about in my new eBook, ‘Living with more […]
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The Confidence Bank

In giving my keynote speech, Leadership and My Life as a Disabled Person at the recent Calibre Leadership Programme  I was once again reminded how valuable it is to stop and reflect on your experiences and achievements. This inspired me to write the second in my series on confidence. We tend to be so busy […]
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Thinking Outsie the Gift Box

 Unless you are one of those super smug people who did their Christmas shopping months ago, you are very likely thinking about Christmas gifts. Thinking about what to put on your list and what to get for your nearest and dearest. You may even be practicing your appreciative face for those gifts you can’t help […]
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Wear Confidence- It goes with everything!

Wear Confidence- It goes with everything! It is generally agreed that, how we look can affect how we feel and how we feel can affect how we look. Stylists will tell you certain colours will suit you and certain styles are in vogue and they will probably be right. However, I believe that anyone looks […]
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