Andy Hilton is a fellow life coach and I first met him when we were working on a personal leadership programme.

Andy Hilton

We specialise in working with people living with disability or long-term illness.

Andy is a director of a small but growing Community Interest Company, Result CIC. They offer coaching and training services to disadvantaged groups in society working with individuals and the organisations that support them.

I invited him to share his recommended read as part of this week long series of blogs for World Book Night. Andy chose SUMO by Paul McGee. This is a new one on me so I was keen to find out more, but first I asked him if he was a regular reader.

“I find that I get bored if I try to read books of the same genre so I have developed a pattern where I read a book relating to the work that I do then a novel, typically an adventure or spy story, and then a random book to broaden my horizons, usually something that I know little or nothing about.”

I asked Andy how he came to find out about this book.

“I attended a seminar presented by the author and was lucky enough to receive a free, signed copy! Since then I have met many people who have read and appreciate it. As well as using it myself I also regularly recommend it to my clients, especially those who I think will prefer this light-hearted approach to a more serious academic book.”

This is evident as Andy goes to share something from the book with me and realises it’s not on his shelf and he must have lent it to someone! After high praise I want to know what it is all about.

“The book is a self-help book written to help individuals get over some of the hurdles of life. What I particularly like is the style in which it is written; tongue-in-cheek but with a clear message. I find that the humorous style makes for an easy read without diminishing the importance of the message.

Many of the messages stick with me and I use them during my self-talk to guide me through issues in my life.”

Obvious question, but I ask him why he recommends it.

“I think that the book presents a refreshing take on the self-help / personal development field. It is an easy read and I cannot imagine anyone not getting something from it.”

Well, that’s another one to add to my reading list, thanks Andy.


You can buy ‘SUMO’ here



A fellow life coach and I

working on a personal leadership programme.

Interest Company, Result CIC


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