Here are some free articles. They include advice based on what people often ask me and what I have learned through my experiences.


‘Making Lemonade Wheel of Life’

A tool to help you take stock of your life

‘Adversity Here to Make Us or Break Us’

 Don’t let obstacles prevent you achieving your goals.

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 ‘Sight Loss is No Barrier to Having Vision’

Vision is what you see when you close your eyes not what you can’t see when your eyes are open. Read my top advice on creating a vision and making it happen.

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‘Golden Tip for Answering Interview Questions’

Tried and tested STAR Model answers to give you confidence and success.

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‘Overcoming Rejection and Achieving Success’

Everyone faces rejection when seeking employment. Yet, if you have a disability you are unfortunately more likely to face rejection.

Read my top advice on how to deal with rejection and move forward.

‘Want to Work but Unsure What You Want to Do?’

Read my top advice on how to gain clarity and identify options.

‘Speed Recruitment Tips for Job Seekers’

Five top tips for making the most of the event



‘Networking Notworking’

Read my account of my own terrible first experiences of networking!

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‘Get Networking Working’

Read my top advice on making networking easier and more effective.

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‘Top Ten Tips for Business Start Ups’

No prizes for guessing what this article is about!

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