Steph Cutler

My background is in the competitive world of fashion. I previously worked designing and marketing for companies such as Ted Baker and also supplied designs to Marks and Spencer. In 2003 I experienced unexpected sight loss which was to be the start of a new chapter in my life.

I was determined from the start that losing a good deal of sight would not hold me back. At times this was easier said than done, but with some support and a lot of effort I adapted to become independent and employable again.

I found gaining work disproportionately difficult once I had a disability. So, not being known for my patience I decided to employ myself.

Making Lemonade was born from being asked regularly to share my experiences with others in a similar situation coupled with my desire to reduce the obstacles that prevent people from moving forward.

In time, I have become a motivational speaker; a personal development and disability trainer; and life coach. It is a long way from my previous life as a fashion designer but I love what I do and I now never look back.

I believe that no one achieves anything alone, I certainly haven’t. At times in our lives we all benefit from some support and motivation to give us a confidence boost and help us find a way forward. It is a privilege to provide this support and motivation to individuals and organisations.

Front coverLiving With More Vision and Less Sight

I wrote this short eBook on my tenth year of living with sight loss. It is my reflection of what I have learned along the way and my memories of key points over the years. Download your copy here.

Making Lemonade Booklet CoverGuide to making your own successful lemonade!

This personal development guide is based on my favourite lemonade recipe. It is full of coaching tips and techniques to create success and balance in your life. Download your guide here.

Why the name Making Lemonade?

During the tough times when I was adapting to living with sight loss, I regularly told myself…..  ‘If life deals you lemons …..get out there and make lemonade!’. What else could I call my business that supports people to make lemonade from the lemons they have been dealt and helps organisations realise that obstacles they originally perceive as lemons can be turned to their advantage into lemonade?!


“Steph came to the college after losing a great deal of her sight in a very short space of time.  In all the 10 years I have worked with visually impaired people I can honestly say I have never met anyone quite like Steph!  She was determined from the beginning to meet the new challenges she faced head on. Many people faced with sight loss fall into a depressive state but Steph remained positive and focused, and is an inspiration to others.”

Geraldine Roberts Queen Alexandra College, Birmingham









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